Maher Shalal Hash Baz  『 Hello NewYork 』(LP)

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「塩ケ森」や「unknown happiness」など、ライブでもよく演奏される楽曲や往年の名曲「Epignosis」、ヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンドの「Dulce Juana(Sweet Jane)」のカバーも収録。異色なのはファレル・ウィリアムスの「HAPPY」のカバーを収録しているところ。



"In New York, we played John Cage first, then played 'Sweet Jane' on flamenco. At the beginning of 'Sweet Jane,' I tried to say 'Hello New York.' I didn't know whether my voice carried well. I said 'Hello New York' again. That was enough for me about New York. One of my dreams ahs come true." -- Tori Kudo

Maher Shalal Hash Baz/『Hello New York』
マヘル・シャラル・ハシュ・バズ / 『ハローニューヨーク』
LP (24曲収録)

【SIDE 1】
1.Manson Girls
2.Unknown Title
3.Who Are You
6.Long Been Half Hearted
8.That's All I Would Get
11.Dulce Juana

【SIDE 2】
3.My Back Page
4.My Back Page 2
5.My Back Page 3
6.My Back Page 4
7.Miss You My Baby Doll
8.Funeral March
9.If I Had a Gun
11.Too Many Wives
12.Psalm For You
13.Unknown Happiness

art concept by Tori Kudo // photography/design by Christina Schneider
recorded live in September 2014 at Manual FX , Brooklyn on Tascam 388 reel-to-reel
mastered for vinyl by Kramer at Noise Miami
sequenced by Heat Wilson

Corneli : some guitar , percussion
Arrington de Dionyso : bass clarinet , singing on 4
Mako Hasegawa : bassoon , singing
Kenji Kubota : main guitar
Tori Kudo : main guitar , singing , elec. piano on 23
Jeremy Latch : some clarinet
Sam Lisabeth : some guitar
Momoko Maejima : melodica
Quentin Moore : guitar , conclusion guitar
Shun Naomi : bass
Naoki Otani : trumpet
Chie Ozeki : recorder , trombone , singing
Zach Phillips : engineering , mixing , some elec. piano , diatonin malakon clavichord on 21
Aiko Sakamoto : main percussion
Christina Schneider : some guitar , singing on 4
Julie Stevens : some guitar
Tsukasa Takahashi : main percussion
Teruki Tamayanagi : xylophone
Colin White : some guitar

11 is by the Velvet Underground
21 is by Pharrell Williams

released May 5, 2016